Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Long Jump

Long jump is one of the interesting field events of athletics. It is a contest that measures who can jump the farthest horizontal distance. In a long jump, an athlete requires to sprint down a runway, take off from a takeoff board, jump the air and land in a sandpit. The feet should land first. If an athlete steps beyond the takeoff board then it is a foul jump.
The runway for the long jump should be at least 40m long and 1.22m wide. If the runway is not sufficient then it can be of 20m for the beginners in the schools.
During the 1968 Olympic Games in Mexico City, an American long jumper Bob Beamon jumped 8.9m(29ft 2.5in) to win the gold medal and broke the previous record. This record was broken by the American athlete Mike Powell in 1991. He jumped 8.95m(29ft 4.5in).
The technique used in the long jump for the beginners can be a hang style. Then later once the athlete gradually improves it can be developed into a hitch-kick style. Hitch-kick can be "a one and a half,or three and a half stride hitch-kick".

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